Revamp your bedroom with these bedroom layout ideas

Think of how many hours you spend in your bedroom. For instance, if you’re going to be watching your favorite TV show from the bed, then, you’ll need to arrange your bed to face the TV area. If you often read in bed, then you’ll need to have a cozy lamp on a nightstand next to your bed. If your bedroom is your main dressing area, then ensure your dresser and the closet aren’t too far apart. While you might tend to re-arrange the rest of the house and often leave out the bedrooms, it’s a fact that re-arranging your bedroom will help improve your mood and sleep cycles. The bedroom needs your attention too.

Keep your bedroom layout simple

You have fewer options when it comes to arranging bedroom furniture in a small bedroom. There is an obvious main wall where you put your bed. Don’t be too clever as far as having the bed floating in the middle of the bedroom. Also, you need to position the bed in the center of the main wall and avoid pushing one side too close to the adjacent walls. You need adequate space on either side of the bed not only for room flow, but also allow you to make your bed.

Don’t shy away from going dark

Never buy the idea of ‘never paint small bedroom dark.’ You aren’t limited to only white and neutral color palettes. Embrace the size and moodiness of your small bedroom and play into it. Going for a navy blue, olive green, or charcoal gray color for your bedroom can be awesome.

Make sure you bring in plenty of light

Plenty of light keeps the room feeling dark and claustrophobic. Decorative lighting like chandeliers and pendants, instead of ceiling flush mount cans, will add some ambiance into the bedroom. Reading sconces, floor lamps, and bedside lamps will also do the magic.

Arrange your bedrom furniture for optimal use

Choose appropriate locations for the chest of drawers(, the dressing area, and the closet. The arrangement should be in a way that you don’t have to walk so far from the closet to the dresser. Ensure you have a chair so you sit to put on your shoes as you walk out.

The bedroom is where you retire after a hard day’s work. That’s where you rest and gather the strength to take on a new day. Therefore, you need to make sure it’s cozy enough and offer the ambiance needed for a sound sleep.

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Tips for designing a small space

Just because your apartment isn’t big enough doesn’t mean that you can’t pull up your desired styles. What you need to understand is that designing a small space is just like designing a big one, but only it requires some ingenuity and a good eye for what works and what doesn’t.

While your focus will naturally be going to be quite different when working with a less floor area, the basic rules of decoration and design are pretty much the same.

Try to position bigger items on the edges of the room

You don’t have to forego large furniture pieces when you are designing a small room. However, you need to be strategic about where you position them. Pull up a feeling of depth in a small space by keeping large items like bookcases, couches, hutches up against the walls, instead of the middle of the room.

Go for multipurpose and/or folding furniture sets

Furniture units that can be multipurpose will save you both on space and money. Thanks to the tiny house trends, there’s no shortage of furniture items that can either be multipurpose or fold up when not in use. Nowadays, reading tables, king-size beds, and dining tables come in styles that can easily be folded or put away to create more space. Similarly, there are furniture sets that serve several purposes, for instance, there are beds that convert into couches and tables that convert into desks.

Use vertical space optimally

You need adequate space for all your essentials, but even the best decorated small room can’t work if you can’t walk in and move around freely. This is why you should try floating pieces, such as nightstands and shelves. They will help to keep the floor clear of obstacles and leave some space underneath for extra storage. You should also consider sconces and wall-mount lights instead of floor lamps.

Mirrors should be your friend

If your small space isn’t graced with adequate natural lighting, it’s time you make the most out of what you have by reflecting it around the space. Mirrors will also make space feel bigger by giving you an illusion of added square feet.

Decorating or designing a small space may feel like a mission impossible. You’d want to fit in as much but space isn’t allowing it. With the tips above, it’s possible to design a small space that is stylish and modern as its sprawling counterparts.

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